Nikon D3200 vs Canon T4i comparison

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Choose Nikon D3200 or Canon T4i, both two are excellent cameras. Below is summary comparison of Nikon D3200 vs Canon T4i DSLR camera. Read and choose the best model for yourself.

Nikon D3200 vs Canon T4i comparison

Nikon and Canon both are leading companies in the world of photography. Both of them are making new models of high-tech cameras. From compact cameras to DSLR cameras Nikon and Canon has their own reputation. As a matter of fact Nikon and Canon has launched their new additions. Nikon launched D3200 model DSLR and Canon launched T4i DSLR. Both DSLR is suitable for beginners although professionals can also use these two to take high quality photograph.

Nikon D3200 vs Canon T4i featured specifications

Nikon D3200

  1. 24 mega pixels CMOS sensor
  2. ISO standard 100-6400
  3. Expeed 3 processor
  4. 4 fps continuous shooting

Canon T4i

  1. 18 mega pixels hybrid CMOS sensor
  2. ISO standard 100-12800
  3. 14 bit digic 5 processor
  4. 5 fps continuous shooting

Nikon D3200 vs Canon T4i comparison

Both cameras has a similar style and shape. Nikon D3200 and Canon T4i both are made of high quality plastic bodies. The Nikon D3200 has smother buttons while Canon T4i does not have that much smooth buttons. You will find a little bit difference while handling these cameras. You will find that the body of Nikon D3200 is like normal while Canon T4i has a more compact and rugged body surface.

Both Nikon D3200 and Canon T4i have the ability to capture high quality videos. But, Nikon D3200 has a separate microphone socket to capture sound while Canon T4i has a built-in stereo microphone. Nikon’s model can capture videos with 25 frames per second. Both models have built-in LCD display. A 3.0 inch 920 K dot LCD screen comes with Nikon while Canon T4i has a 3:2 touch vari angle LCD display. Nikon D3200 has Twin Infra Red receiver which allows some extra facilities while operating this camera by an IR DSLR remote control. It also has built-in WiFi system.

Both cameras have all standard DSLR features. Operational menus are quite as both of them are DSLR. Some additional menu features can vari because of their models. Additional lenses can be added as necessary. Both have a built-in optical zoom facility. But, zooming capacity can be improved by adding more advanced zoom lenses. Both of these camera perfect for those who wants to start photography.

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